Healthy Meal Plans

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CJK Foods offers a healthy and nutritious prepared meal service in Chicago Land delivered to to your home, office or CJK fridges at Barre Bee FitShred415 (both locations), the Renuil CenterPrecision Human PerformanceRiver North Crossfit, Core Chicago Pilates, the CBOE, Lincoln Park Crossfit-ID Gym and Crossfit Barrington.  Home delivery in the Chicago area starts around $10 and $20 (depending on location) with a  $50 minimum order.  Click here to view our delivery area by zip code.

Meal Plans

We offer four weekly meal plan options, as well as a Custom Flex plan (customize number and sizes, with a minimum of three meals per week).

For Custom Flex plans, you can customize the number and sizes of your weekly order (e.g. 3 medium meals and 4 large meals per week) Medium meals are $12 and large meals are $15.

Other Plans include:

3 medium sized meals per week……….$36 per week

3 large sized meals per week …………..$45 per week

5 medium sized meals per week………$60 per week

5 large sized meals per week ………….$75 per week

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How it works

Step 1:  Sign up.  Meals can be delivered to your local gym (day and time depends on gym – see sign up page for more info.  Can be flexible in certain cases for special delivery times).  If you’re ready to sign up simply follow this link.  We also offer home delivery!  Email for delivery availability.

Step 2:  Pick OUT your Meals.  CJK Foods will email you a nice reminder to select your meals each week prior to your pick up date.  Our menu rotates each week and is drawn from roughly 50 different meals.

Step 3: Pick UP your meals.  Depending on what you gym you workout at (or live close to) will determine the day of pick up.  No membership is required to pick up your meals from one of our partners.  We deliver our meals fresh each week between Monday and Wednesday.  When you go to the gym to workout and pick up your meals you will see them clearly marked in the fridge, wrapped together, and with an invoice of what you ordered on the package!  We recommend bringing your own cooler bag to keep them nice and chilled on the road from your gym to your home.

Information about Our Ingredients and Meals

Simply put, our ingredients are awesome.  We are working hard everyday to source the best local grassfed, and cage free meats, as well as the freshest organic produce to suit your healthy lifestyle.  We value nutrient density, organic, and healthy lean proteins.

Our meals can be eaten for lunch or dinner.  We don’t track calories consistently but we shoot for around 600-800 calories per meal, if you’re on a strict calorie intake let me know and I can point you in the right direction.  To get an idea of what is included in our meals, we make sure each meal is loaded with veggies, and between 4-6oz of animal protein.

We offer a strict Paleo option as well as our healthy, nutrient dense options which includes some grains.  Our background includes specializing in the Anti-Inflammatory diet so we use that mindset to make the most nutrient dense meals we can while using the freshest ingredients and timeless techniques to maximize nutrition!  We avoid all definite “no’s” on the Paleo list, while occasionally using sweetener (maple syrup, agave, raw honey), sweet potatoes, green beans and quinoa.  If we make something with one of those ingredients you can either pick a different meal or ask for a substitute like Cauliflower mash for Quinoa.  Make sense?  We are flexible and basically when you sign up with us, you are hiring your own personal chef!  To see an example of our menu please click here.

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Answers to the “what if’s”…

What if I need to skip a week?  Thats great!  Most of our clients are gone from time to time, so we just add a week to their current plan.  Not an issue at all, you won’t miss out on your meals, you’ll just simply get an extra week added to your plan.

What if I’m allergic to…?  Again, not a problem!  Just let us know.  If you have a strict allergy (like can’t eat food made in a kitchen with any tree nuts) we can talk and see if the meal plan is a good fit for you, but for the most part we can leave certain ingredients out with out a problem.  You’ll have the opportunity to make any adjustment to your menu each week when you make your selections.

What if I don’t like…?  Most of our clients are flexible and we love it.  Some don’t like tomato, or can’t stand olives..  Thats fine too and we love them just as much!  We simply make a note to leave out a certain ingredient, or make a special version of the dish just for you.  If its not going to be possible to change something in the dish, then we will contact you and let you know that it would be best to pick a different meal.