How it works!

Its easy!

We offer 2 sizes, Medium ($12) and Large ($15).  Mediums are around 375-550 Calories, and Larges are around 550-800.  We also offer snacks and smoothies available each week.  Click here to see how to best reheat your meals!

We offer pick up and delivery.  You can pick up from one of our hubs for $3.  See the list here.  You can also have your meals delivered directly to your home.  Click this link to see our delivery options, availability and pricing!

Picking up from a hub?  No need to be a member, just double check their hours, and swing over at your convenience.  We deliver to our hubs typically around 4pm, and they will be in our fridge marked with your name on them for you to pickup on your schedule!

Each Monday you will receive our menu in your inbox.  Place your order as soon as possible to secure the delivery/pickup date you want.  We had denying people good food, but PLEASE help us by submitting your order earlier in the week.  Official cutoff is Friday morning for the deliveries the next week, however we ask that you submit them by Wednesday night!

Please email us if you have any questions,

Team CJK!